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7 Easy Ways to Build Free Traffic

Being able to build free traffic to your website is something that every website owner yearns for.

I mean, it is free after all.

But more importantly, what good is a website if no one views it?

It’s like building a large, beautiful house which no one visits.

Getting people to come to view your site is not that simple. For the most part, the quality of your content determines how many people view your website but it’s not always the case — more is needed.

You can have good content, but still fail to get views. It’s disappointing when you sacrifice so much to launch your website, only to end up being the only one who comes to it.

Building traffic is a mystery to most beginners, especially generating free traffic.

Free traffic is not as free as it sounds — you will definitely use much of your time before you can see any results. But as long as you achieve your goal at the end of the day, your efforts won’t have gone to waste. If you’re capable of investing an hour every day to following the below methods, you stand a good chance of achieving free, long-term traffic.

1. Classified Websites

Craigslist is one of the good sources where you can find free traffic on the internet. There is a segment where you can post whatever you are selling.

Craigslist is among the top 20 websites on the internet and has been around for awhile, thus receiving a large number of viewers wouldn’t be a surprise.

Besides Craigslist, there are other great classified sites where you can post a listing without being charged. Some of these sites include: BackPage, ClassifiedAds, Oodle, and Olx – just to name a few.

2. Facebook

When it comes to generating free traffic, trust that Facebook will bring results. The only caveat is to never, EVER spam. It won’t do you any good when you promote products directly. After all, the site was primarily built for social interactions — not selling.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t entice or find future customers, using the most popular social media outlet in the planet.

What you should do is create content that is interesting enough to share and mention it to your friends or other Facebook Groups.

After doing this from time to time, your free traffic will increase significantly.

But do not over do it.

Post great content once in a while and not every day. Make sure you participate frequently and help others in return. Post pictures constantly and engage with friends and/or other users.

This helps you to build many personal relationships and authority. Do not forget to update your website occasionally as well.

3. Twitter

In order to attract attention to your website, pay attention to timing. Always be relevant by posting accurate information when needed. You must pay close attention to what topics are trending.

Constantly mention new content in your website. By doing so, you may attract more views to your site.

Do not spam either.

Assess the people who are active in your niche and follow them. Joining conversations relevant will also come in handy.

4. You Tube

You Tube is very popular. In fact, it holds the popularity of Yahoo and Bing combined.

Posting videos on the second most popular search engine will aide tremendously when building free traffic to your website.

Many people love to post videos of themselves and/or what they enjoy doing to keep others entertained. For this reason, YouTube grew to become one of the most visited sites on the internet.

To maximize the traffic potential, you should create demonstration videos or highly informative videos that relate to your product/service. Always remember to include a link in the videos as well.

Ensure that every video you post includes a ‘call to action’ at the end. Give your videos an awesome title, which is relevant to your niche.

5. Article Marketing

High authority sites like Go Articles and Ezine Articles allow article syndication. By posting articles to these types of sites, it makes it easier for them to be identified by search engines — since these sites are authoritative.

Google’s search algorithm is built on backlinks, which you’ll be able to build after leaving a link to your website at bottom of every article you post.

Never leave-out this part.

6. Posting on Forums

Participating in forums is very powerful when it comes to promoting website audience. All you have to do is find a forum that is relevant to your niche and start posting.

To search for a forum in your niche go to Google and type: your niche + forum.

Make sure that you’re an active member once you start posting on the forum. It’s possible to get 50-75 visitors daily, if you spend around half an hour a day being active on just one forum.

7. Commenting on Blogs

This is almost the same as forum posting. Both uses the same idea.

Again, find popular blogs related to your niche and utilizing them to build relationships with the owner(s) and his/her audience.

Always ensure that your comments are relevant, thoughtful, and helpful.

Final Thoughts

Generally, the success of your website depends on how much time you spend on it. Marketing your website requires you to invest much of your time. Even though these methods are free, it typically means more work for you as well. Nevertheless, building free traffic is the best way to form relationships and establish yourself as a true expert in your niche.