5 Easy Ways to Make Money Online

1. Write Reviews Online

Lots of people write their reviews for free. However, plenty of people will pay for reviews. They have to — lots of people will never review their stuff otherwise, and they know that they need some reviews on their books, apps, Etsy stores, or anything else in order to make any money.

Most customers don’t want to be the first people to review anything, and they’re not going to have to be the first as long as the paid reviews are already there. This is one of the easy ways to make money that helps other people in their business interests.

You can give an honest review here. In fact, some negative reviews can actually help the client. Negative reviews lend an air of authenticity, so it makes it less obvious that the review is a paid review.

Of course, lots of people will want positive reviews. You might actually like the product enough to give an honest review that is also positive, so never make the assumption that this is a job that requires purple prose and false enthusiasm.

The amount of money that you can make reviewing things will vary. If you approach people directly offering to leave reviews, you might have more luck. However, there are also services online that will distribute your reviews for you. If you can make you reviews relatively unique and distinctive, they’re going to be worth more.

Writing reviews is one of the easiest forms of journalism if you do it right, especially online, where lots of reviews have a phrase or less.

Vindale Research, User Testing, and Dooyoo.co.uk are all examples of websites where people can get paid for the reviews that they write. People can expect varying amounts of money for all of the reviews, but these websites can still offer very real ways to make money.

2. Take Surveys Online

When it comes to making money online, taking surveys is definitely one of the easiest ways. You’re not going to get rich by taking surveys online, but you can definitely make a little bit of extra money.

If you really love doing it, you can get a real supplementary income with all of your survey taking. You’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re contributing to market research or even somewhat scientific data gathering.

This is also one of the easy ways to make money online that is not going to put you in contact with really aggressive people. The Internet’s anonymity can make people mean. You’re not going to run into any of them when you’re just taking surveys.

Taking surveys is the kind of thing that you can really do casually. You might even see one of the surveys that you took referenced somewhere at some point, and you’ll really know that you made a difference.

Some of the surveys that you’ll take will be fun and silly. Others are going to be about a specific marketing product. Lots of people like to take silly online Facebook quizzes anyway, and they’ll do those just for fun.

This is basically the same thing, except you get to walk away with some money here. Global Test Market, Toluna, and Qmee are examples of companies that pay people to take surveys.

 3. Tutor Students Online

You can sign-up on online tutoring websites and get to tutoring people by the end of the day. You don’t actually have to know all of the answers to do their homework in order to do this, since most places don’t actually want you to give away all of the answers anyway. You just have to help steer the students in the right direction.

If you have basic knowledge of some subjects, you should manage to get ahead in the world of online tutoring. Chances are, if you’re an English speaker, you can at least help people when it comes to their English language classes or something like that. There are plenty of people who make money online these days by more or less being native English speakers, and you can do the same thing.

Most of these sessions are done by video chat. However, you can also do them through text as well. This helps preserve anonymity, and it might keep you safe from some of the more aggressive students. Still, putting in an hour of tutoring can make you plenty of money right away, and it might involve just talking to a student in a general way about a paper. This is one of the easiest ways to make money online that will make you feel as if you’re giving something back, and this is going to be the case for a lot of people.

Tutor.com is a good example of a place like this, as is TutaPoint.com. There are lots of examples of online tutoring websites today, and they all vary in terms of the quality of service that they provide.

4. Respond to Emails as a Customer Service Agent

The emails that you send to customer service agents are often received by people who are just sitting in their pajamas at home. These companies get so many emails like this that it really has made sense to outsource them for a long time. They outsource them all over the world, and that includes to people who make money online from home.

You can be one of those people, and you’ll usually get paid according to the emails that you respond to wherever you are. This is another easy way to make money that might put you in contact with frustrated customers, but most customers are just going to be apathetic. Weebly and Clara Labs are examples of companies that hire people for these types of jobs.

5. Respond to What People Say in Customer Service Chats

You are going to run into some frustrated customers if you go down this route. Lots of customers are going to be frustrated with you, even if they’re not really frustrated with you. However, if you learn not to let it bother you, this can be another easy ways to make money online.

Some customers are going to have simple questions and they’ll either accept or politely decline your advice. As long as you don’t let it bother you when you run into the difficult customers, you’re really just going to be giving them basic information about a company when you respond to these sorts of chats.

You don’t have to be an expert.

After a while, it’ll become routine. Operator, Apple, and Needle are all examples of companies that offer chat jobs like these.

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